Monday, September 01, 2008

Lost in the Flood

Lost in the flood of stories about Hurricane Gustav and Sarah Palin is the first of four days the Republicans scheduled to explain why they should be entrusted with running the country. Yes there are pundits who are earnestly telling us why bad weather or a bungled VP pick is good news for John McCain, but a presidential campaign gets only so many chances to speak directly to voters, and the McCain campaign just lost one of those days.
Keep in mind that the hurricane story isn't about to blow over. Hannah and Ike are queuing up in the Caribbean.
As for the Sarah Palin story, it isn't working out quite as John McCain anticipated. As a friend points out, she has an appealing quality in a made for television way: Hockey mom and small town mayor becomes governor and then vice presidential nominee. The story of everyman (and everywoman) going to Washington to talk sense to the powers that be has a long standing appeal in popular culture. But Sarah Palin's charm is being buried by the steady rain of stories that point to a stunning failure to properly vet her for the second highest job in the land. This story isn't blowing over, either.


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