Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Convention Moves to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium

The logistics of the convention are daunting enough, but moving the seating, security, transportation, communications and media access overnight is an almost impossible task. One thing that won't be duplicated is the power and data connections on the field, so I won't be able to post from the floor as I've been doing all week. So I may not be able to provide instant analysis of Obama's speech; you'll just have to watch it yourselves.
Obama supporters back home in Delaware can do this at one of several convention watching parties in Wilmington, Newark and Rehoboth. There are hundreds of these being held across the country.
True to form, the Obama campaign is using tonight as an organizing opportunity as well as a media event. The program opens with a discussion of voter registration led by campaign manager David Plouffe. You can see the entire program here.
Next to Obama himself, the most eagerly awaited speaker is Al Gore, who has a somewhat undeserved reputation as a wooden speaker, even though he managed the unlikely trick of turning a lecture into a hit movie.
One interesting speaker tonight will be Susan Eisenhower, a granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower. I expect her to continue the theme of portraying the GOP as having abandoned its historical roots as Jim Leach did on Monday night.


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