Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not a Single No Vote

In a deft bit of parliamentary volleyball, New Mexico yielded the floor to Illinois, which yielded to New York, so that Hillary Clinton could move that Barack Obama be nominated by acclamation.
When Nancy Pelosi called for a voice vote on her motion, there was not a single no vote to be heard.


Blogger Churchill said...

Mr. Wonk - you are quite right, there was not a single no vote for Ms. Pelosi's motion, but of course Ms. Pelosi left little time for any either...rushing the announcement of the voice vote faster than you can say the word "dissention". But it's the outcome that's important, and I'm glad to see this hillary/clinton nonsense slowing dissappearing. We'll see what Bill does here this evening.

I think you were right this morning in your comment about the press making more of it than the delegates. I hope the networks are as negative with the R's next week (more so really, but I'm tryuing to be fair).

Thanks for being there and staying in touch.

8:34 PM, August 27, 2008  

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