Thursday, August 28, 2008

Organizing the Crowd here in Denver

The Obama campaign never misses an opportunity to build its field organization. Even as thousands file into this football stadium, Obama's campaign is reminding the throng that politics is not a spectator sport.
Campaign manager David Plouff talked about the importance of organizing. He was followed by the Colorado field director, who is using the event to organize voter registration and outreach among those in attendance. Colorado is very much in play for Obama. He offered a seat on the convention floor to a lucky spectator who makes a dozen calls right here this afternoon.
There are about a hundred choice seats surrounding the podium, closer even than the Delaware delegation, which is again seated right up front. While many of those seats will go to the usual VIPs, a few will go to some small contributors, who won the seats through a lottery.
Access to data cables is limited, so I may not be able to file through all the evening.


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