Sunday, September 07, 2008

Primary Day on Tuesday

With the primary on Tuesday, time, money and patience are running out. All of the campaign lit has been printed and either mailed or dropped, and all of the arguments have been played out in the media and in door to door conversations. It's all now down to execution: Do we have the workers we need for Tuesday? Where should we deploy them? Which voters in which neighborhoods should we worry about getting to the polls?
Delaware has never seen so many contested primaries, and I expect record numbers of volunteers and paid campaign workers to hit the streets, and unusually high voter turnout on Tuesday. I will be working on Tuesday to elect my city councilman, Cam Hay. Here's a letter to the editor that offers some reasons why he deserves to be returned to council, including his work to revise the zoning map in the district where I live.
If you want to know where you vote on Tuesday, the Department of Elections has a handy polling place finder.


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Check out this blog with an entry on Palin.

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