Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Take the Doug Forrester Challenge

Doug Forrester, the Republican candidate for NJ governor, blamed Bush for his loss to John Corzine in an interview in the Star-Ledger, even though he didn't campaign in NJ:
The president was one of few top-name Republicans not asked to campaign in New Jersey on behalf of Forrester and other GOP candidates this year.
Forrester, a major donor to the Bush re-election campaign, also credited Corzine for trying to link him to Bush. "It was not a foolish thing to pound that issue so hard," he said.
Forrester didn't mention any policy disagreement with Bush, beyond not screwing up on disaster relief:
"If Bush's numbers were where they were a year ago, or even six months ago, I think we would have won on Tuesday," Forrester said. "Katrina was the tipping point."
So to GOP candidates across the country, I say take the Doug Forrester challenge:
Instead of simply lamenting the president's abysmal approval ratings, tell us where you disagree with Bush. Is it Iraq? Torture? Social Security? Our government's ruinous fiscal policy? Stem cell research?
Do you agree with the lies that were told to drive us into war? Do you agree with Bush when he accuses his critics of undermining the troops? Or do you agree with a majority of your fellow citizens who believe that Bush lied to win support for his Iraq misadventure?
GOP candidates, will you be inviting President Sluggo to campaign with you in the coming year? If not, why not?
Will you accept money from BushCo? (Or from DeLay?)
Are you trying to run away from Bush the political figure while embracing the policies that earned him his unpopularity? And are you willing to acknowledge your role in supporting Bush while trying to put distance between you and your party's leader?


Blogger jason said...

Even though many Democrats feel that Castle has distanced himself from Bush, I'd like to see how he would respond to your list of questions.

When you sum it up, he is very close to Bush on many of the key issues.

4:19 PM, November 15, 2005  
Blogger Delaware Watch said...

Forrester certainly did a great deal to hurt himself, but I do think that the R at the end of a candidate's name conjures images of Bush for many voters and that's not a good image these days.

10:04 PM, November 15, 2005  

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