Friday, November 04, 2005

Follow the Yellowcake Road

Now the New York Times is picking up on the Italian connection in the Niger forgery story:
ROME, Nov. 3 - Italy's spymaster identified an Italian occasional spy named Rocco Martino on Thursday as the disseminator of forged documents that described efforts by Iraq to buy uranium ore from Niger for a nuclear weapons program, three lawmakers said Thursday.
The spymaster, Gen. Nicolò Pollari, director of the Italian military intelligence agency known as Sismi, disclosed that Mr. Martino was the source of the forged documents in closed-door testimony to a parliamentary committee that oversees secret services, the lawmakers said.
Let's hope they stay on the story. After all, what could be sexier that reporting on Italy's spymaster? And while we're at it, maybe someone at the NYT could take another look at the Chalabi connection to other bogus pre-war intelligence. Steve Clemons at The Washington Note is covering Ahmed Chalabi's invitation to speak at the American Enterprise Institute next week. Who in Washington still thinks this self-serving con man has any credibility left?


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Does anyone read this crap?

11:23 AM, November 05, 2005  

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