Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chalabi's Love Fest at the American Enterprise Institute

Blogger Kris Lofgren at Nothing Aside managed to get in to see Ahmed Chalabi's speech yesterday at the American Enterprise Institute. He's got some juicy stuff about Christopher Hitchens offering a cover story for how Chalabi happened to have passed U.S. cypher codes to Iran. But this is my favorite quote:
"I have a multi-dimensional relationship with the Bush administration."
Boy he said a mouthful. Chalabi referred to page 108 of the report of the Robb-Silberman Commission as exonerating him. Over at TPM, Matthew Yglesias, who was also in the room, takes a looks at the report, which describes the involvement of the Iraqi National Congress (INC) in promoting bogus intelligence:
Page 108 states that the INC provided information to the Intelligence Community that was inaccurate. It states that the INC sources were deliberately fabricating their reports. And it states that the sources were being "directed" to do so by the INC.
How this guy is considered a hero is beyond me.


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