Friday, June 24, 2005

Biden: Bolton Documents Today or No Vote Next Week

Steve Clemons reports that this really could be it. Bill Frist and Joe Biden have been talking about the review of the sensitive NSA documents. Earlier this week Biden pledged -- as he had before -- that if the administratino came through with the requested documents, Senate Democrats would not block an up-or-down vote. But if not:
Biden's declaration that all document requests must be satisfied by close of business today -- or all deals are off -- is more the Senator's "assessment that the window for confirming Bolton is closing fast," according to an official familiar with Biden's stance.
The July Fourth recess is coming fast:

Biden's comment last night is that the clock is ticking. As one staffer told TWN, "time is awasting. . ."
Today is Friday -- and if the materials are not received today, or at the latest on Monday, there will be no time for Senators to be able to interpret and assess the materials so that a vote can be held next week.

Stay tuned for the next episode...


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