Monday, June 20, 2005

Some Guys Have All the Luck

On the left, a photo from Drudge (or is it Sludge), with the headline, "Hillary Humiliated as Bill has new Affairs." Drudge published this photo saying, "The book presents a photo of the former president 'mouth-kissing' an unidentfied woman."
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On the right, a photo from Philly of Bill Clinton at the John Kerry rally in Philadelphia on October 25, 2004. (The side-by-side comparison comes courtesy of Crooks and Liars.)
Bill Clinton may not have lost all of his charisma, but a kiss along the rope line with 100,000 intimate friends hardly qualifies as evidence that Bill Clinton "is flagrantly cheating" on Hillary, as claimed in the odorous The Truth about Hillary, which goes on to assert that Clinton "started a torrid affair with a stunning divorcee in her early forties, who lived near the Clintons in Chappaqua."
By the way, I was doing work in Philadelphia at the time but missed out on meeting any available divorcees from Chappaqua, or any upstate New York community, through plain bad luck I suppose. If anyone recognizes the woman in the baseball cap, or knows any stunning divorcees in her early forties -- even if she was not at the rally or doesn't come from Chappaqua -- please let me know. I'm not busy.


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