Thursday, June 23, 2005

Girard Avenue Trolley Will Finally Roll

The long-awaited revival of the Girard Avenue trolley has emerged from political limbo. Ward leader and Democratic City Committee Secretary Carol Campbell had stalled the project because it would eliminate a handful of illegal parking spots in her neighborhood:
A SURPRISE burst of good sense appears to have seized Philadelphia's Democratic Party leaders.
U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, who is also chairman of the Democratic City Committee, called a closed-door meeting on Monday over the stalled Route 15 trolley - and came out with a plan to get the $84 million public-works project running.
My goal is to have the trolley operational by the end of the summer," said SEPTA Board Chairman Pat Deon, who was at the meeting.
The trolley is a central piece of a plan to revive the Girard Avenue corridor. The plan is the result of a collaborative effort of hundreds of community leaders, business owners, planners and city officials. There's nothing like shining a little light on the subject to motivate public servants to act in the public interest.


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