Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wonk Meets Wonk

Here in Denver, I have had the pleasure of meeting Tom Konrad, who can be found online as the Clean Energy Wonk. Tom is a serious quant; he has a PhD in mathematics and a CFA (Certified Financial Analyst), and writes about green energy investment opportunities at Alt Energy Stocks.
As fellow wonks, we have traveled eerily similar paths. We have both been active in promoting clean energy, and have offered testimony to our respective legislatures and utility commissions. We agree on the economic potential of investing in energy efficiency, including job creation. When we discussed the ACEEE report that priced the average value of energy efficiency at 3.0 cents/kWh, he pointed out that some demand side management programs have a net cost far below that.
Talking with Tom reminded me how much innovation in clean energy policy is moving ahead state by state, and that others are thinking and working along similar lines.


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