Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama's "master class"

Maybe Dave Burris is getting soft (he seems to have taken an interest in sustainable development), but he seems mightily impressed by the way Barack Obama handled himself on live television with the House Republicans:
"First, it was an absolute master class in politics by the President. Ideology aside, he masterfully handled even the toughest questions..."
I agree that this kind of exchange "should be a regular occurrence between the President and all four caucuses." Though, after yesterday's performance, I wonder whether either GOP caucus would be eager to schedule a followup.
Dave may overstate the significance of the event, when he called it "maybe the most important political development of my adulthood." You can see the exchange here on C-SPAN.


Anonymous Dave said...

Don't underestimate what the GOP got out of the exchange, either. They now have extra ammunition when the Speaker and House leadership shut down their participation.

They can go back home and run against Pelosi, saying "I want to work with the President on tax cuts and AHP's, etc, but the Dems in Congress won't let bipartisanship occur. We need to take over Congress for progress to occur."

That way they can almost leverage the President's popularity FOR their campaign. Also, it'll be harder for Obama to make campaign appearances for vulnerable D's and offer red-meat attacks against the GOP.

(And while I may be changing my focus and my priorities, I'm only soft in the middle.)

10:55 AM, January 31, 2010  

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