Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frank Luntz on Energy and the Environment

I never imagined I would be writing favorably about anything produced by pollster Frank Luntz, whose work for Newt Gingrich helped shape the Contract with America. But this presentation on energy and the environment that I noted yesterday includes a number of interesting findings.
For instance, 43 percent believe the environment has worsened over the last decade, compared to 32 percent who believe it has improved.
The phrase "carbon neutral" falls flat compared to positive phrases like promoting "greater energy efficiency" and "a healthier environment."
Most compelling to me is this slide from his presentation his "words to use" on cap and trade:
I don't know who engaged Luntz to do a study on the subject. But his findings on language suggests there may be an opportunity to make progress on climate change, even in this polarized political atmosphere.


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