Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saving Energy with Smart Home Energy Controls

Critics of energy conservation efforts are quick to predict that cap and trade legislation or state energy efficiency standards will lead to higher utility bills or worse rationing. But smart conservation technology can save consumers money while reducing their bills. The New York Times blog, Green Inc. describes how a North Carolina company called Consert is using IT to achieve 20 percent reductions in household energy use:
Consert attached controllers on hot water heaters, air conditioners and pool pumps and then let customers go online and set targets for their monthly electricity bill. Smart meters and a wireless communications system provide real-time electricity consumption data to allow the utility to cycle appliances on and off to achieve the savings and help it manage peak demand.
This is just one of many cost effective technologies for reducing energy use without sacrificing comfort or quality of life. Delaware has just adopted legislation that set a target of 15 percent electricity reduction by 2015. Smart meters and other cost effective technologies will help Delaware's homes and businesses meet the standard while saving money and boosting our economy.


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