Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not Dead Yet

Friends, family and acquaintances have been inquiring into my well being since my name popped up in a list of abandoned accounts published by ING Direct in the News Journal yesterday and today. Happily, I'm not dead yet, and have confirmed that my savings account is intact and not going anywhere.
Money advisers tell us we should sock away our money and leave it there, which is just what I did with this account. I hadn't deposited or withdrawn any money from the account for several years, which is probably why it ended up on the inactive list.
This led to some minor engagement with customer service and an outpouring of concern from my friends and fans. Two lawyers alerted me, and did not bill me for their time, though one recalled that he owed me a lunch. A right leaning blogger e-mailed me yesterday, citing his concern for my financial well being as evidence that he is indeed "a kinder, gentler conservative."
Banks periodically publish lists of inactive accounts that, after a long enough time, may be declared abandoned. Those that aren't claimed revert to the public treasury. The State of Delaware expects to collect $375.6 million in abandoned assets in the current fiscal year; my modest savings account is a drop in the bucket. Besides, I helped out last year when I didn't bother to cash a state income tax refund check for the sum of one dollar. Having already made this modest contribution to keeping our state government afloat, I thought I'd hold on to my savings account.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No opening to take a shot at Loudell. Next time.

1:55 PM, September 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait. In the interest of balance and objectivity, did Loudell call you to say, "Some people say that your name is not on the list."

3:43 PM, September 03, 2009  

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