Friday, November 14, 2008

TommyWonk on Purple States TV

An interesting project called Purple States TV is compiling and posting video interviews with bloggers from all fifty states. Today is my turn, aided by the camera work of LiberalGeek. I talk about how the financial meltdown is affecting Delaware, including one business in my own neighborhood. The site will post videos from bloggers representing all fifty states, in alphabetical order, between now and the middle of January.
If you're interested in learning how economic conditions are affecting communities across the country check them out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site - I came over from Purple States - fantastic writing - yep, the Republican Party is in shambles - but it is not in shambles because of its area coalitions - it is an shambles because it has been on the losing side of every major policy debate in the past four years - Iraq War, Afghan War, Free Trade, Free Markets, Energy, Global Warming, Social Security, FISA, ... The list goes on. If they refuse to look facts in the eye they will continue down their path of extinction - If they do look reality in the eye, they will sound a lot like Democrats, or at least a lot like Huckabee. - AyeCaramba

11:52 AM, November 14, 2008  

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