Thursday, November 13, 2008

Google Ad Flogging the Old "Dream Ticket" Story

One of the minor mysteries of the campaign season has been the persistence of this Google ad at the top of my e-mail page:
Dream Ticket - - Obama Hits Clintons on 'Dream Ticket'. Read Full Story.
The ad links to this story by Jake Tapper dated March 10, 2008, which describes the tension between the Clinton and Obama campaigns in the thick of the primary season. The story is one of many thousands of stories written about the epic battle for the nomination.
But why is this ad still popping up eight months later? Did an over-enthusiastic ad buyer for ABC News drop so much on this ad that Google is still running it? Or is someone else paying for the ads to try to keep a dead story alive for sport or in hope of reigniting a long-settled feud?


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