Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day is Here

I and thousands more here in Delaware are getting an early start. I will be managing the 7th ED of the 4th RD for Gerald Brady and the Democratic Party. My job is to get the vote counts and voter lists from inside the polling place and see to it that we have volunteers handing out campaign lit. Once the polls close, I will get the results and call them to Brady headquarters.
When that's done, I will be heading down to the Doubletree Hotel downtown for the Democratic victory celebration. I will be posting some thoughts during the evening, here and at the Guardian.
Virginia's polls closes at 7:00 this evening, which means the networks could call the state for Obama while I'm still out in the field. The polls in most of Indiana close at 6:00, but it seems less likely that the exit polls will be clear enough to call the state right away. The polls in Pennsylvania (and here in Delaware) close at 8:00. If exit polls show Obama to be the winner in VA and PA, then that's it; we could know who our next president is before I get the results from the three or four machines in the 7th of the 4th.
It's possible we could not know at that point. If turnout overwhelms polling places and voters are still in line at 7:00 in Virginia or 8:00 in Pennsylvania, we may not know the outcome until later in the evening. If so, no news could be good news.


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