Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Updated: Delaware Goes for Obama as of 9:03

Delaware as of 9:03...
Wilmington: Clinton 1,236, Obama 3,968 (13 of 33 reporting)
New Castle County: Clinton 18,527, Obama 20,833 (137 of 172 reporting)
Kent County: Clinton 5,298, Obama 6,501 (43 of 64 reporting)
Sussex County: Clinton 7,934, Obama 6,000 (59 of 313 reporting)
With 252 of 313 districts reporting so far, Obama is winning by more than 3 to 1 in Wilmington, and is leading in suburban NCC and in Kent. Clinton is leading in Sussex.
I think Delaware is going for Obama.
Okay, MSNBC just called Delaware for Obama.
If you want to extrapolate from little old Delaware, if Obama wins in suburban NCC, then he should do well in states like NJ and CT.


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