Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kal Penn Stumps for Obama in Delaware

The Barack Obama campaign has had surrogates here in Delaware every day this week, most notably Michelle Obama, who drew overflow crowds to the Grand Opera House and Delaware State University on Thursday. Today, film actor Kal Penn was in town on behalf of the senator. Penn, known for his roles in The Namesake and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, stopped in the corner video store in my neighborhood to discuss his reasons for supporting Obama.
He talked about a friend who had to choose between a minimum wage job at home or going to work for Halliburton for $90,000 a year in Iraq. Penn voiced his dismay that the only way for his friend to earn a good salary was for him to go to work in a war zone.
Of course the main event is tomorrow, when Obama himself will speak to a rally in Rodney Square in Wilmington. The program starts at 1:15 PM, but you may want to be there when the gates open at 11:30 AM. The campaign "strongly encourages" that those interested RSVP either online or by calling 302 573-2540.


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