Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wind Power: the Year's Defining Story in Delaware

What makes wind power in Delaware the defining story of 2007?
First, the proposal to build an offshore wind farm is big: 150 turbines generating enough electricity to meet 29 percent of the needs of Delmarva Power's Standard Offer Service (retail) customers
It would be new: the first offshore wind project in the country.
It was unexpected. A year ago, few would have predicted that wind power would have been chosen through the bidding process.
It connects global concerns with a local perspective. Delaware would be particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels brought on by global warming.
Most significantly, the wind power story presents a sharp contrast between the new and the old.
New is something Delaware doesn't do very well. As the News Journal editorial board put it, last week's lack of decision on wind power was "another victory for mediocrity."
The wind power proposal requires new thinking. The conventional wisdom is that environmental benefits come at a price. But if fossil fuel costs continue to rise, the wind farm would bring a measure of price stability to Delaware's energy portfolio.

It heralds the creation of what the News Journal calls a new "grass-roots environmental movement in Delaware." I had not heard of or met most of the activists a year ago. They have brought a new sophistication to discussions about environmental issues in areas including health, epidemiology and economics. As Nick DiPasquale said to the Cape Gazette, "This isn’t just the yogurt and granola crowd."
I won't predict whether the wind power proposal will get the green light or not in 2008. But either way, the story will continue to highlight the ways Delaware is, or is not, changing.


Blogger Nancy Willing said...

The great analytical talents of you and Kavips will hopefully continue to match wits with Delmarva and those who are fanning the smoke screens. Some of their issues are valid as questions yet to be addressed.

We all have to work to parse these down and work them out. The door isn't shut yet by any means.

7:49 AM, December 28, 2007  
Blogger Nancy Willing said...

OY! I know that the sometimes lackluster grammar and spelling that eminates from my keyboard drives certain of you all crazy! My bad.

4:47 PM, December 28, 2007  

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