Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Facts, Law and Public Sentiment

Returning to the end of the News Journal story this morning:
Tom Noyes, whose Tommywonk blog is widely read among Delaware environmentalists, expressed optimism the issues could be worked out.
"We've got the facts on our side, we've got the law on our side, we've got public sentiment on our side. Now we just have to get talking to our legislators," Noyes said.
What did I mean?
We've got the facts on our side...
But don't take my word for it; read the findings of the PSC staff report released last Friday:
The Bluewater-Delmarva PPA establishes new, innovative generation that promotes fuel diversity in Delaware. The delivered cost of fuel to power plants throughout PJM is the single largest determinant of electric energy prices.
The Bluewater-Delmarva PPA would reduce Delaware’s reliance on wholesale market prices dictated by natural gas prices, and accordingly, would dampen SOS ratepayers’ exposure to price volatility.
It can hardly be said that the PSC staff is skewing the facts, given the staff's recommendations in October to kill what looked like a much less attractive proposal.
We've got the law on our side...
According to the PSC staff, the PPA on the table meets the requirements of EURCSA or HB 6, the law governing the entire process:
Bluewater’s PPA proposal presents a number of long-term system benefits provided for under the EURCSA. First and foremost, price stability – the primary goal of the EURCSA – is a principal attribute of the Bluewater-Delmarva PPA.
The News Journal editorial board made the point that the process is proceeding according to the law:
If they [legislators] want to kill the law they created, they should vote to kill it -- on the record.
We've got public sentiment on our side...
The thousands of public comments to the PSC have run roughly 20 to 1 in favor of wind power. But again, don't take my word for it. Spend some time reviewing the public record.
What we don't have at the moment is the political will in the General Assembly. But, as Al Gore recently noted, "political will is a renewable resource." Which leads to the last phrase in the quote:
Now we just have to get talking to our legislators.
By we, dear readers, I mean you.


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