Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time to Be Heard on Delaware's Energy Future

The Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) Task Force has released its report on how energy efficiency and small scale generation can help make electric power more affordable and less vulnerable to rising cost of fossil fuels. The report was featured in the News Journal earlier this week, including this photo of bookseller and Progressive Dem Jack Buckley showing off the solar panels on the roof of his home.
Also, the Public Service Commission (PSC) is accepting comments on the Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) docket through May 2. The IRP is the strategic plan for meeting Delaware’s energy needs, which many of us hope will include wind power, conservation and distributed generation. I'm planning to present comments on the economics of the options under consideration.
In the meanwhile, the PSC and three other state agencies are coming down to the wire on choosing whether go with coal, natural gas or wind power. While no agenda has been published, the PSC is expeted to review the RFP docket at its meeting on May 8. The technocrats making the decision do not operate in a vacuum, which is those who support wind power need to contact their elected officials.
Delawareliberal has set up a "Choose Wind" page to help mobilize support for the option that promises zero emissions and long term price stability. If you agree that the time for fossil fuels has come and gone, then now is the time to speak up.
Photo: Ginger Wall, News Journal


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