Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sedated Horses Couldn't Drag Them Away

Serbia’s Eurotrash will be getting down with some not so wild horses when the Rolling Stones play their first ever gig in Belgrade this summer. Reuters has the story:

A plan to sedate more than 300 horses stabled at Belgrade's racecourse to keep them calm during a Rolling Stones concert there has enraged Serb animal lovers who are lobbying to have the gig moved to another venue.
The concert is expected to draw more than 100,000 people to the Hippodrome, Belgrade's largest fenced space. The horses will be only a few metres from the stage.
"Horses differ, the same as people. Some are more nervous, more skittish," said hostler Jovanka Prelic. "If they get too nervous or start to panic during the concert, they'll get sedatives."

Call it Prozac stable:

The sedative would be diazepam. In Serbia it trades under the name Bensedin, a very popular drug during the 78 days of NATO air strikes in 1999, when much of Belgrade's adult population was on tranquillizers.

Diazepram is sold as Prozac in the U.S.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horses are animals too. Who can predict that they won't enjoy the Stones as much as those other animals: humans.

I mean......its the Stones, man.....

12:49 AM, April 25, 2007  

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