Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More PSC Energy Comments

The PSC has posted the most recent round of comments on the energy RFP. I'd like to highlight just two of them.
John Austin, who used to work for EPA and lives in Rehoboth Beach, has some particularly enlightening comments:

One of the many facts that has come to light in the bid review process is that the net output of the [NRG] IGCC would be just 400MW. Where does the other 230MW go? The bid explains that 50MW would be needed to run the compressors for CO2 sequestration. The rest would be consumed to make the syn-gas and power the gas separation units to isolate the hydrogen sulfide from the hydrogen rich syn-gas before it is burned. This is not an efficient use of natural resources.
Here's an interesting tidbit:
There is also another problem revealed with this data. Units 1 & 2 have but 10.5 pounds of mercury emission allocation to transfer to a new unit. There is no more. The unit would have to be reduced in size or increase mercury removal if it were to be permitted.
Another comment worth noting is this from a young correspondent named Ashley:
Maybe I missed it (the public comments run to hundreds of pages), but I don't recall seeing any letters from schoolchildren in support of coal power.


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