Friday, November 03, 2006

Do Your Part for a Democratic Victory on Tuesday

With the election a few days away, it’s time to turn from the larger political discourse and get down to cases. The politically active among us have seen and heard just about all we need to know about why we should support our candidates, and it’s time for execution, not explication.
So if you’re looking for a way to help on the ground, I recommend getting plugged into one of the campaigns for the General Assembly. Why? Because these are the campaigns where volunteers can make the greatest difference. I have a short list of candidates for the General Assembly in northern New Castle County who are, in their own ways, real policy wonks.
  • Pat Morrison is challenging Catherine Cloutier in the 5th Senate District, focusing on issues like child care, education and health care. To help out, go to her website at
  • David Sokola is State Senator for the 8th District and a quiet wonk who does his homework. He narrowly won in ’04 and the GOP is gunning for him again this year. To help him out, visit his webiste at
  • Diana McWilliams is in her first term representing the 5th RD. I met Diana when we both were supporting Wes Clark in '04. To help, you can call her at 765-2053.
  • Gerald Brady, profiled here yesterday, is running for the open House seat in the 4th RD. He’s also my city councilman, and one of the hardest-working elected officials I know. You can call him at 655-1373.
This is by no means an exclusive or exhaustive list. The DelDems Website has a complete list of candidates. If you don’t have a hot local race in your Representative or Senate district, then I have several suggestions:
  • Head over to the DelDems GOTV page or call (302) 328-9036 to volunteer. The Democratic Party is running what’s called the coordinated campaign — the statewide get out the vote effort — for which statewide candidates team up with local candidates.
  • Contact Dennis Spivack, who is running an uphill battle to challenge Mike Castle and could use your help. Yes, Castle has ascended to the rarified level of Delaware Institution over the years, but if you think he needs to be held accountable for supporting George Bush on Iraq and energy policy, to name two issues, then get out and help Dennis Spivack make a good showing.
  • Jack Markell is going to win big, of course, but he still could use your help. As my loyal readers have noticed, I like Jack because he’s genuine policy wonk, and loves to implement his ideas into working programs that affect people’s economic well-being.
For my part, I'll be working with the GOTV effort for Gerald Brady and the Democratic Party on Tuesday. One reason I'm a Democrat is that I've learned that political results come when people of like minds band together. Whether you work for your favorite candidate or for the Party as a whole, you'll sleep better knowing you've done your part.


Blogger karmic said...

Well said Tom. I put in some time last weekend, will do the same this weekend as well.

9:34 AM, November 04, 2006  
Blogger Ryan said...

Who is this Diana McWilliams? Whoever she is she stole my last name!

12:57 AM, November 06, 2006  

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