Sunday, October 29, 2006

Former House Majority Leader on his Party's Failures

I've been too busy today doing politics to spend much time writing about politics. So instead, I'll let former Republican House majority leader Dick Armey describe how his party has lost its bearings in today's Washington Post:
Now spending is out of control. Rather than rolling back government, we have a new $1.2 trillion Medicare prescription drug benefit, and non-defense discretionary spending is growing twice as fast as it had in the Clinton administration. Meanwhile, Social Security is collapsing while rogue nations are going nuclear and the Middle East is more combustible than ever. Yet Republican lawmakers have taken up such issues as flag burning, Terri Schiavo and same-sex marriage.
They're fooling only themselves.
A big reason the GOP will lose seats in Congress next week is that they have failed at governing. Despite the rantings of the most doctrinaire conservatives who imagine that managing the federal government as somehow beneath them, most voters want those they elect to high office to actually govern the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yah but only the gop can protect us from terrarists and teh gays. ;-)

10:20 AM, October 30, 2006  

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