Friday, October 20, 2006

Curt Weldon and the Shadowy World of Opposition Research

Curt Weldon has cast a wide net when it comes to identifying the conspirators who are out to get him. As the Delaware County Times reports, at least part of Weldon's complaint that his opponent was out to get him came from a credible sounding source:
Weldon told reporters Wednesday that an ex-FBI agent heard that Democrat Joseph Sestak’s campaign had inside information about the Justice Department investigation -- and when it would be leaked to the press.
"I’m telling you a retired FBI agent, whom I have named, came to me and said that a (Sestak) campaign worker told him three weeks ago that this was going to happen," he said.
While Weldon identified his source as Gregory Auld, he failed to mention that Auld has been on the campaign’s payroll since May.
And where did the former G-man uncovered this startling intelligence? Has he been meeting shadowy informants in parking garages? No, he unmasked the conspiracy to get Curt Weldon by hanging out at the gym:
[Auld] said he had heard it from another man who frequently wore a Sestak shirt said three weeks ago that "something big was going to come down on Weldon" last weekend.
The intrepid gumshoe promptly followed up by calling this mystery informant -- three weeks later:
Auld, of Drexel Hill, said he spoke to the Sestak supporter Tuesday, but "he never said they knew" about the investigation before it hit the newspapers.
Auld acknowledged his firm had a six-month contract with the Weldon campaign that runs through Election Day. He said pursuing the lead at the gym "probably was part of my responsibility" as a paid opposition researcher.


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