Thursday, November 02, 2006

Take the TommyWonk Blogger Prognostication Challenge!

OK, folks, it's time for the TommyWonk Blogger Prognostication Challenge.
Anyone who’s been through a few campaigns knows that there’s a big difference between what you think will happen and what you hope will happen. So here’s the challenge: Putting aside which candidates you’re rooting for or against, who will win and lose on November 7?
What will Tom Carper’s vote percentage be?
Will any write-in protest candidates garner more than 0.5 percent of the vote?
Will Mike Castle win with his customary 70 percent?
Will Dennis Spivack break 30 percent?
Will Michael Berg and Karen Hartley-Nagle combine to win more than 5 percent?
DE-Attorney General:
Beau Biden or Ferris Wharton?
What will Jack Markell’s winning percentage be?
What will Tom Wagner’s winning percentage be?
Statewide bonus question:
Who will post the highest statewide vote total (not percentage) this year?
Delaware General Assembly:
Which House seats will change party hands this year?
Which State Senate seats will change party hands this year?
U.S. Senate:
How many seats will Democrats gain?
Who will win these ten most contested seats?
CT: Joe Liebermann (CFL) or Ned Lamont (D)
MD: Benjamin Cardin (D) or Michael Steele (R)
MO: Jim Talent (R) or Claire McCaskil (D)
MT: Conrad Burns (R) or Jon Tester (D)
NJ: Bob Menendez (D) or Thomas Kean Jr. (R)
OH: Mike DeWine (R) or Sherrod Brown (D)
PA: Rick Santorum (R) or Bob Casey Jr. (D)
RI: Lincoln Chaffee (R) or Sheldon Whitehouse (D)
TN: Harold Ford (D) or Bob Corker (R)
VA: George Allen (R) or Jim Webb (D)
U.S. House of Representatives:
How many seats will Democrats gain?
The TommyWonk Blogger Prognostication Challenge is open to fellow bloggers, political operatives and all my loyal readers. To play, copy the questions and paste them with your answers in an email to by midnight Monday, November 6.
I will announce the winner, runners-up and various honorable mentions on Wednesday, November 8.
I will not publish any information from anyone's entries until after the polls close. As for my predictions, I will post them on Monday.


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