Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Delaware Primary Results

Get your Delaware primary result here.
9:30 update:
The big news is the strong showing of Michael Protack, who is trailing Jan Ting by 85 votes. Jason at Delawareliberal calls it "a vote of no confidence to the GOP leadership."
With 8 of 21 districts reporting, Harris McDowell has a lead of 36.7% over Charles Potter, Jr.
9:50 update:
Jan Ting has a slim lead over Protack.
Harris McDowell, who has seen his share of tough elections, won with 60.1% of the vote.
State reps Dennis Williams, Hazel Plant, Helene Keeley and Diana McWilliams are on their way.
With 12 of 14 districts reporting, Gerald Brady has a 20 vote lead over Loretta Walsh.
9:59 update:
With 13 of 14 districts reporting, Brady leads Walsh by 11 votes.
10:58 update:
I just got back from Councilman Brady's house. (He lives about four blocks away.) After leading by 11 votes with one district left to report, he ended up winning by 111 votes.
All went according to form for Delaware Democrats. The incumbents easily won against their various challengers. Things were a bit more exciting for the Delaware GOP, which is to be expected given the Democratic trend here in recent years.


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