Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why I Like Boing Boing

For those suffering from an overabundance of seriousness of purpose, we have this sampling of today's posts from Boing Boing:
"How to find confidential reports with Google" describes how obstensibly intelligent persons post confidential stuff on Websites.
"Funny Japanese and Korean TV commercials" includes an infamous noodle slurping ad.
"Vanity Fair's excellent prank" links to a bogus newsstand cover for The Weekly Standard the folks at
Vanity Fair published.
"Cardboard standup bass" descibes how to make an upright bass from a cardboard box and weed whacker twine.
Perhaps the most arcane is "Mary Worth cartoon reenactments: comic strip as Bergman film": a mashup of the boring comic strip with the black and white films of Ingmar Bergman.
"Stephen Hawking: Help Wanted" links to a want ad for an assistant to the famed physicist.
Okay, this does actually contain some serious public policy content: "The High Cost of Free Parking" links to this post at on the hidden social and economic costs that go into providing free parking for workers or customers.
Finally, there is "Three-hole punch debut, April 1940" linking to a 1940 Popular Science article on the still highly useful invention.
And all of this is from the last 24 hours.


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