Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Testimony that Bloggers Aren't Driving Democrats to the Left

In today's Washington Post, Harold Meyerson offers disputes the idea that bloggers are driving the Democratic Party to the left in the middle of his profile of Robert Casey's campaign to unseat Rick Santorum:
Which, if you believe all the nonsense that's been written since Joe Lieberman's primary defeat about those crazy blogistas rebelling against the Democratic establishment and pushing the party to the left, should mean that the bloggers and their ilk ought to be wailing about Casey. In fact, they're doing nothing of the sort. For one thing, the authors of such partisan blogs as the Daily Kos understand that the Democrats have to beat Santorum in order to retake the Senate and raise the political discourse above the level of Santorum's deliberate primitivism (Santorum once equated gay relationships to "man-on-dog" sex). They understand that Casey is the Democrat best suited to the task.
Meyerson points our that a recent poll showed that the presence of a Green Party candidate has narrowed Casey's lead:
Most liberal groups are campaigning mightily for Casey (though support for a Green Party candidate among Naderistic nihilists has cut Casey's lead over Santorum in yesterday's Quinnipiac Poll to 6 percentage points).
Of course, there wouldn't be a Green Party candidate in the race if it weren't for Santorum's funders and staffers.


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