Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Simon Rosenberg on Joe Lieberman

One prominent Democratic moderate who doesn't think a loss for Joe Lieberman would divide the Democratic Party or drive it into the ditch is the New Democratic Network's Simon Rosenberg, who offers this clear-headed appraisal:
I think there were three critical moments in this race which left the door open for Lamont to make his remarkable run:
1. Lieberman attacks other Democrats over Iraq. Last year the Senator choose to publically chastise other Democrats for challenging the President over our failing policy in Iraq.
2. Lieberman ignores and discounts his opposition. In a period that lasted from last year to until a few months ago, Lieberman, in a very dangerous move, essentially told those who were unhappy with him to pound sand.
3. Lieberman goes independent. So Democrats are wondering whether you a Democrat any more and whats the answer? File as an independent, essentially proving that the opposition's attacks on you were right. This was the most important moment in the campaign, and the one that if Joe loses, I believe, is the main reason why. Prior to going independent, Joe was up by 20 points in the polls and in command of the race.
Rosenberg concludes on a personal note:
Joe Lieberman is my friend, and a mentor of mine. He is a remarkable man, a good leader and one of the smartest people I know. It has been personally very painful for me to watch this political trainwreck over the past year.


Blogger jason said...

In the voice of Nelson Munce: Ha ha !

Lieberman might have won in a blow out, but for those things, however he still would have been a putz. He started hurting the Democrats years ago, and never adjusted to the brave new world of party politics that Bush/Rove put in place.

Rosenberg only points out that Lieberman was as tone deaf in his role as a campaingner as he was in his role as a Senator. If it was painful for Rosenberg to watch the terrible campaign, it was painful for me to watch the terrible Senator-ing.

Tom - What about Castle? This is bad news for him. When are you going to take the gloves off and let Congressman "pocket change" have it?

I know you like the DLC guys, but does that sentiment extend across the isle?

5:49 PM, August 08, 2006  
Blogger jason said...

When a National Guard unit needs rifles and Lieberman's office gives men who strap 70 pounds of gear on their back a lecture on the M-16 over the M-4, they need to lose their job.

His job was to help those boys get what they thought was needed, not tell them they were wrong.

When it came time to endorse people for the service academies, he was nowhere to be found.

There are towns he has refused to visit for years. He had time for Imus and Russert, but not the people who sent him to office.

That's Gilliard's take. If a miracle happens tonight and a sitting senator is loses a primary - I say good riddance.

6:01 PM, August 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good summary but what will we do now that he is going I?

1:31 AM, August 09, 2006  

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