Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Easy (Money) Being Green in Pennsylvania

Members of the Green Party think of themselves of independent minded who offer a true alternative to what they call the "Incumbency Party." It's a description that fits Dana at Delaware Watch, who has shown ample evidence of independent thought, along with a willingness to endorse at least one Republican.
Which is why I imagine genuine Greens are likely dismayed by the unseemly spectacle of fielding a candidate in the Pennsylvania senate race thanks to Republican donations (including $1,000 from a Halliburton lobbyist) and field work from Santorum staffers. The Philadelphia Inquirer has been following the story:
Six staffers on Sen. Rick Santorum's campaign - including an intern who tailed Democratic candidate Bob Casey Jr. in a duck costume - collected voter signatures to help place the Green Party on the fall ballot.
TPM Muckraker has the backstory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of like Carper encouraging the Karen Hartley-Nagle - Dennis Spivack match up.

10:55 PM, August 17, 2006  

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