Monday, August 01, 2005

Paul Hackett Making a Run for it in OH-02

Excitement is going through the roof in the campaign for Congress in OH-02. Paul Hackett, an Iraq war veteran, is making this a close race despite the 30% GOP advantage in the district. Swing State Project, which is embedded with the Hackett campaign, has done wonders to help make this special election a national event. (SSP has made a believer out of me, and I have just added it to my links.)
Former senators and war veterans Max Cleland and "Mr. Clean the Marine" John Glenn are campaigning with Hackett. The Netroots have raised thousands for Hackett and the DCCC jumped in late last week with a big ad buy. Hackett is getting a lot of people pumped up by showing that an attractive, straight talking, progressive war veteran can turn a solidly red district into contested turf.
And if he doesn't win, he plans to go back to Iraq as a civil affairs officer. No sunshine patriot he.


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