Friday, July 29, 2005

John Bolton's Faulty Memory

More on John Bolton's faulty memory:
"When Mr. Bolton completed his forms for the Senate he did not recall being interviewed by the inspector general," Mr. McCormack said in a telephone interview Thursday. Mr. McCormack reiterated that Mr. Bolton had not been questioned by the grand jury in the leak investigation.
The latest disclosure about Mr. Bolton came as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice strongly hinted that President Bush would bypass the Senate when Congress adjourns this weekend and temporarily appoint Mr. Bolton to the United Nations post. Another Republican official said Mr. Bush could name Mr. Bolton as early as next week, but the official would not let his name be used as the decision is Mr. Bush's.
Bolton was interviewed by the State Department's inspector general as part of the internal probe into the use of fabricated documents to support the claim that Iraq tried to buy African uranium -- the issue that started the whole Valerie Plame scandal. Apart from getting us into war using false intelligence, Bolton does plan to put things right:
Mr. McCormack responded that Mr. Bolton would correct the form.


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