Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wes Clark Is 4 for 4 at Daily Kos and MyDD

Once again, Wes Clark has won the straw poll at Daily Kos (the June results are in parentheses):
Clark 34 (26)
No Freakin' Clue 13 (17)
Clinton 10 (10)
Feingold 10 (10)
Edwards 7 (8)
Warner 5 (5)
Richardson 4 (4)
Other 4 (7)
Biden 3 (3)
Kerry 2 (2)
Bayh 2 (2)
Vilsack 0 (0)
Clark has come out way ahead twice at Daily Kos and at MyDD. Kos comments:
Clark's improvement this month may be a GOTV victory, or it may mean that those who voted "other" last time in the hopes that Dean or Gore might enter the fray decided to be more realistic this time and choose between the pseudo-confirmed candidates.
As for GOTV, I've heard no hint of a such an effort (no email, formal or informal) from the Clark organization. Even as one who supported Clark last time around, I'm just a bit surprised at his popularity among the "chosen few who think it's fun to talk about this sort of thing 3 years out from the election," as Kos puts it.


Blogger WebGuy said...

I tend to think that it is because, of all the possible candidates, Clark is most likely to cut through political crap, hammer the horrible defense policies of the Republican party, and resonate with both Democrats and the relative center who has supported the Republicans the past two elections.

3:06 PM, July 22, 2005  

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