Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Overdue Praise for UD's College Democrats

Smart Blue Hens, the blog of the college Democrats at the University of Delaware, has continually impressed me as being well-considered as it is impassioned. If only more "grown-up" blogs showed the sophistication of this exceptional group of college students as demonstrated in this posting by Mike McKain:

Make no mistake about it, no one wants us to fail in Iraq, and I personally still do not believe the time has come to cut our losses and abandon all hope. But if there is any true lesson of Vietnam, it is that we can not win a war without the support of a majority of Americans. So what should be done?
President Bush needs to come down from his cloud and face reality. He needs to be honest with the American people. He needs to make a call for sacrifice, a sacrifice shared by all Americans, not just military families like the Sheehans, and the tens of thousands of others with killed or wounded soldiers, the hundreds of thousands with military personnel overseas. And, perhaps most of all, he needs to say something new. “Stay the course” just won’t do.


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