Friday, August 19, 2005

Eric Massa, Democrat for Congress in NY-29

Last week I met Eric Massa, who is running for Congress in NY-29. He is up against Randy Kuhl, a first-term conservative who won in 2004 with just 51%. Eric, pictured here with his former boss Wes Clark, is a Naval Academy grad and a disenchanted former Republican. Unlike his opponent, he believes in strengthening, not gutting, Social Security:
"I do not believe the purpose of being sent to Congress is to shake the president's hand or ride on Air Force One," Massa said, referring to recent events Kuhl has participated in with President George W. Bush. Kuhl flew with the president on May 24 when he visited Rochester to stump for Social Security reform.
Check out his powerful statement over at Daily Kos:

During my time [as a Staff Member in the House Armed Services Committee], I expressed grave concerns to the Republican leadership and wrote several dissenting documents about the plans to invade Iraq. When I saw what was happening to our returning veterans, I again documented my concerns to the Republicans. When my former Commanding Officer and friend, Wes Clark, joined the Presidential race, I refused to let partisan politics stand in the way of my loyalty to him. I left my position on the House Armed Services Committee and have not looked back. While I was not on the House floor when the vote to invade Iraq took place, I voted with my feet by joining the Wesley Clark for President Campaign in New Hampshire.
Since the election, I have only become more concerned about the future of this country, as I have watched right-wing extremists hijack the Republican Party and pump out legislation that seems designed to destroy the middle class and make life harder for working families. I believe I have a responsibility to pass on to my children Justin and Alexandra a nation as solid and secure as the country I inherited from my parents.
That is why I am a Democrat.
This is a winnable district. Check out Eric's website and see why he people are believing that he will help the Democratic Party win back control of Congress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have also met Eric Massa and was very impressed. He will work for the common good will make a wonderful Congressman for the 29th District of NY. And Tom, it was nice meeting you in DC, too. Keep up the good work!

6:11 PM, August 24, 2005  

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