Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What Rhymes with Bolton?

Via TWN, here's a ditty Calvin Trillin penned about Bolton in his Deadline Poet space in The Nation:
On President Bush's Recess Appointment of John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations
Calvin Trillin

The job's too vital, Bush has said,
To leave unfilled, and so instead
He'll simply stiff the Senate now,
And name John Bolton anyhow.
The problems of the world have grown,
And so we need some tantrums thrown.
Some analysts who haven't skewed
Intelligence remain unscrewed.
But that will change with Bolton there:
The man knows how to overbear.
We need someone to show contempt
For resolutions we'd pre-empt
And show contempt as well for those
Who might oppose what we propose--
Reflecting through contemptuous power
The last remaining superpower.
Those tiny nations need a pasting.
So let's get started. Time's a-wasting.


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