Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Headlines Around the World

Want to know what's going on around the world? It's easy! Via Kos, here's a really cool site from The Newseum that allows you to view the front pages of 423 newspapers from 44 countries with just a click.
Here's how it works: Go to the map of Asia, click on a red dot for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and up pops the front page where we see the top stories:
Groups clamor for President's resignation

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's confession on Monday night that it was she who was talking with an election official in wiretapped phone conversations suggesting fraud in the 2004 polls has failed to result in her expressed wish that the controversy be ended to allow her to "move on with the business of governing."
Bishops vow to carry on Sin's fight for truth, integrity
JAIME Cardinal Sin was buried yesterday in rites befitting a prince of the Church and hero of EDSA, and attended by two women he helped catapult to power.
Here we see two big stories from the Philippines that may hardly make it to the U.S. media. This site is going to become part of my daily reading, starting now.


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