Thursday, May 19, 2011

TommyWonk at Town Square Delaware

Town Square Delaware has published my first piece; it's on the economics of renewable energy.
When Delaware was debating the Bluewater Wind project, the opponents of wind power offered big estimates of the so-called green premium we would be forced to pay if the project went forward. One prominent legislator spoke darkly of electric bills going up by as much as $75 a month. As it turned out, the final Public Service Commission estimate of the cost of the Bluewater Wind project was 0.07 cents a kilowatt hour, which would come to not much more than a dollar a month for the average Delaware household using 1,550 kilowatt hours a month.

Why rehash this old argument? Because we’re hearing it again.
More specifically, we heard it last week when HB 86, which would have pulled Delaware out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, was debated. As I and others have pointed out, RGGI costs the average household about 38 cents a month—about 0.285 percent of household electricity bills. Happily, HB 86 was kept in committee. But we can expect the opponents of renewable energy to keep trying to kill programs using the same arguments.

Also worth a read is Michael Stafford's piece, "Ryan, Rand, and the Objectivist Budget," in which he neatly dismantles the thinking behind the House Republican's budget, and with footnotes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You probably know about this already, but just in case:

Public meeting tomorrow evening (wed 25th) at the Newark Senior Center on why our energy bills are too high, how to stop out-of-control prices, and why RGGI is bad.

Founders Values presents "Green Energy" Education
(5/25/2011) 6:30PM - Newark Senior Center- 200 White Chapel Drive Newark, DE

RGGI. RPS. Subsidized solar panels. Subsidized windmills. Smart Grid. Climate change. Green jobs. Renewable energy resources.

You hear the terms all the time, but do you know what the costs are to you today and what it will cost your children and grandchildren into the future? Are there proven benefits in any way proportional to the costs? Do you realize what is happening, not just in Washington, but in Dover, in the name of unproven science? Delaware's own John Nichols does, and he's bringing the truth to our meeting this month.

Join Founder's Values on Wednesday, May 25th, (doors open at 6pm) to learn the story behind the story of these and other costly so-called green energy initiatives. You will leave enlightened and empowered to take action and make a difference to the economic future of Delaware. Only citizens in action can stop the present and coming increases in power costs and the attendant loss of jobs and diminution of our economic standards. Our legislature is engaged in debate at this moment about removing Delaware from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The same legislature that put Delaware into the RGGI by faulty logic will now extract us via HB 86 - and it could come down to your phone call or letter. Please join us on the 25th.

Founders Values has invited all of the elected officials from New Castle County to attend this meeting. Please bring your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers out to this event. It's IMPERATIVE that you get the word out that Delaware is currently enrolled in a Cap and Trade plan!

Additional Topics to be discussed: Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax - Get the facts about each plan

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you on May 25th!

3:49 AM, May 25, 2011  

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