Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome Town Square Delaware

Town Square Delaware, a new opinion site, has gone live this morning. Here's how the editors describe the new site:
We are a group of community-minded Delawareans interested in creating a forum for the most productive, provocative and positive dialogue about the issues, people and places that make our state unique. Our goal is to engage and educate, to collaborate and connect. To be, first and foremost, of, for and about Delaware. Join the conversation!
Town Square Delaware features a terrific collection of contributors and including veteran bloggers Dave Burris, Charlie Copeland, Maria Evans, Mike Matthews (first post: "Greetings From A Disaffected Former Blogger"), Jason Scott and Michael Stafford. Also joining up are Michael Fleming, Ken Grant, Al Mascitti and Sam Waltz. I'll be adding my thoughts from time to time. So head on over, and tell 'em Tommywonk sent you.


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