Friday, February 25, 2011

Inside Job at Theatre N

If you like movies and you have an abiding interest in financial reform, head over to Theatre N this weekend to see the documentary "Inside Job," which plays Friday at 2:00, Saturday at 2:30 and 8:30, and Sunday at 5:00.

I have not yet seen it, so let's see what the New York Times had to say:
The density of information and the complexity of the subject matter make “Inside Job” feel like a classroom lecture at times, but by the end Mr. Ferguson has summoned the scourging moral force of a pulpit-shaking sermon. That he delivers it with rigor, restraint and good humor makes his case all the more devastating.
There will be a discussion after the Saturday evening showing, which will include Greg Wilson, communications director for the Delaware Reinvestment Action Council. Greg led the effort here in Delaware to lobby for meaningful financial reform last year. We got a pretty good bill (thanks in no small part to Ted Kaufman), but regulations are still being formulated to implement the law.

Floyd Norris of the New York Times wrote a week ago that the regulations requiring banks to keep some "skin in the game" when offloading most mortgages may turn out to be pretty good. We need to pay attention to how these regulations play out. And if you need a refresher on why it matters, go see "Inside Job." Tell 'em TommyWonk sent you.


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