Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Russell W. Peterson

Like many Delawareans, I have crossed paths with Russell Peterson often over the course of decades. I handed out leaflets for the Coastal Zone Act as a kid. When I was in the mayor's office, I worked with the Rivers Task Force he led that prompted the redevelopment of Wilmington's Christina waterfront. Later I helped raise money for the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, where this statue stands.

I spoke with him just before he announced he was switching from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party in 1996. (He said he couldn't stand to be in the same party as Newt Gingrich.) More recently, I was proud to be on the same side as Russ Peterson in the fight to bring offshore wind power to Delaware.

I could say a great deal more. At this moment, I'm thinking about how he kept pushing, always moving on to the next cause or project. This in a way was his most inspiring quality, and gives me cause to think about what more I can do in my time here on earth.

Photo: Delaware Audubon, Steven Breukelman © 2004


Anonymous Patricia Gearity said...

What a great man. He was a warrior for the future of our state and world. May one of his most important legacies be realized in a few years with the commissioning of hundreds of wind turbines in the ocean, bringing us a cleaner, healthier, and more secure America.

11:49 AM, February 22, 2011  

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