Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The BP Oil Spew

I have a new opinion piece on the BP disaster at the Guardian:
It's not an oil spill so much as an oil spew.
Barack Obama has done some good for those affected by the disaster by getting BP to agree to a $20 billion fund to help victims. But he also is looking further ahead:
Obama is absolutely right that the only way to prevent future spills is to reduce our dependence on oil that is driving oil companies to drill nearly a mile below the ocean surface. We may not have reached peak oil just yet, but our continuing dependence on fossil fuels is driving industry to take on greater risks in extracting oil, natural gas and coal. This is an inherently and increasingly dirty and dangerous business, and the next barrel of oil or ton of coal will inevitably be more costly and hazardous to extract than the last.


Anonymous frieda Berryhill said...

"THEY took on the regulatory power to inspect these rigs and wells to ensure their compliance with the environmental laws " Ha ! They also have a HUGE Agency called the NRC to protect us from "shortcuts" In the Nuclear Power business. Its a Joke ! For Delaware in particular
Lat fall PSEG came before the Delaware Senate Energy Committee to sell theit plan for a 4th reactor on Artificial Island.Here is my statment:

I was involved with Salem before it’s start up. I attended your hearings and listened to your claims of safety. I found one disastrous mistake nobody talks about. Over the years I have been interview by reporters so many times I can not remember. I have repeated my story but could never get it into print. There is a reason for this. You can not find it on the Internet no matter what search engines you use, you can goggle your fingers off, you wont find it. The only way you can confirm this is by going into the documents . A job, no reporter is really paid to do. They always dismissed my claim

Well , as was my habit I examined the documents and there it was all laid out, graphs and map included.

Salem and Hope creek are built on Artificial Island. So named because actually was NO LAND there . The Island was build with dredging from the Delaware River. In the documents the condition of the soil is described as follows:

Borings to 35 feet mud

Next 35 ft mud and gravel

Next 35 ft “Vincentown Formation” which is in effect another type of mud and gravel

Boring to 100 ft revealed no solid rock. What to do. The whole complex sits on cement pilings 75 ft deep.

To my mind this made Salem a siting error of the kind I have not found anywhere.

In case of an earthquake liquefaction turns the mud to jello and makes buildings topple.

You were aware of this because liquefaction was discussed, yes there it was in the documents. Not a voice of caution was heard.

Yes there was an earthquake in Morris County a couple of weeks ago. As the New Jersey press tells it, strong enough that people ran out of their house thinking there were explosions. And yes, there is an earthquake fault down the middle of the Delaware River.

The Kashiwaszaki complex of 7 reactors in Japan is now left with broken pipes and leaks and these plants were built on solid ground .

Salem and Hope Creek should have never been built, to talk about a fourth reactor seems to me to be the height of irresponsibility. Last time I spoke in Salem, NRC was present and heard me tell this story. After the meeting one of the NRC officials spoke with me. I asked him , “ tell me please, don’t you think that this is a horrendous situation?’ He looked at me with a pained expression, saying” Ms. Berryhill I was not at the NRC THEN”

There was a moment of dead silence and then Mr. Levis said in a somewhat subdued voice. “ WE TRY TO RUN OUR FASILTY IN THE SAFEST MANNER POSSIBLE” They then packed their papers and lesft

On a Mudpile with spent fuels poo;s filled ! ? Gove me a break !!!

9:27 AM, June 23, 2010  

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