Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Energy Bills on the Senate Agenda Today

Two important energy bills, SB 266 and SB 267, are on the Senate agenda for this afternoon.

SB 266 with SA 1 would give the DNREC secretary greater administrative flexibility over the Green Energy Fund to keep it viable. Because of a funding backlog, end users have been forced to wait for up to two years for funding under the program. The secretary could reduce or suspend technology demonstration and R&D grants in order to better direct funds to end users. The amendment attached to the bill looks like technical house cleaning.

SB 267 would allow homes and businesses sell back 120 percent of expected aggregate consumption to the grid, and allow customers to aggregate meters for one location (such as a farm or business campus). Both provisions would make it possible for customers to finance larger installations. A third provision would allow groups of customers, such as a homeowners association to band together to finance and build community owned renewable energy projects on site or off site.


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