Monday, January 04, 2010

Jack Markell to Propose Comprehensive Recycling

Governor Jack Markell is scheduled to propose a new, comprehensive statewide recycling plan tomorrow at 11:30 in Wilmington. Markell said he would review the larger issue of recycling when he vetoed HB 201, what I and others called the "Un-Bottle Bill," last year.
From what I have learned, his proposal will try to correct the skewed economics that favor landfilling over recycling. Assertions that recycling is too expensive fail to account for the enormous costs of siting and building a new landfill in New Castle County, a cost I first tried to calculate in 2006. Markell made this point in a speech in April:
Expanding recycling: despite the short-term economics of recycled materials, it will be much more cost-effective in the long-term to prioritize recycling instead of the purchase of another landfill site (assuming we could even identify one).
Governor Markell will present his proposal from the balcony of his Wilmington office, "from which you can see the growing Cherry Island landfill," according to the press announcement.


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