Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Favorite Blog Post of 2009

With another year of blogging drawing to a close, Delaware Liberal has the obligatory poll on the best blogs. So head over and support your favorite wonk. My favorite for best blog post of the year isn't on the ballot. On April 1, we woke up to this post from liberalgeek that caused more than a little consternation among readers:
I just got a press release from NRG announcing that Tom Noyes, Delaware’s most famous blogger and strongest environmental finance guru has been asked to join the board for the owner of the infamous Indian River Power Plant.
Based on the comments, he got some readers, at least for a moment:
Don’t [deleted] DO that to me! Jesus, I almost had a heart attack.
My world nearly fell off its axis. Thank you for a great April Fools joke.
The post foreshadowed the cognitive dissonance that spread around the state when NRG, owner of Delaware's dirtiest coal plant, bought Bluewater Wind. Though for the record, I still haven't been offered a job.


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